February 26, 2010


I was offered 8 hours of OT this weekend--yes, my job is willing to pay me for it instead of scrambling to find other PRN staff to fill the spot. I'm about to turn them down. Reason: with work being crazy lately, I have hardly seen my family since last Saturday, and I think it's about time the three of us had some quality family time.

Granted, the thought of that money is tempting me to say "Yes", or even "Yes for part of the day"--after all, a partial would only be four hours and I'd have a full shift's pay in the pocket.  OK, it's VERY tempting. 

But besides missing the family, I'm also a little fried from work this week and I could really use a few days in a row off.  The place is going to be short-staffed, so it won't be an easy shift.  I have a midterm on Monday that I'm not really ready for.  Besides, four hours at my job have a magic way of turning into 6 or 8. So let me not get myself trapped there.

February 5, 2010

I'm glad they didn't hire me after all

Remember the SNF that I applied to many moons ago and who rejected me?  

I had breakfast with my friend--who they had hired but it was no competition between us as she went for the night FT job and I applied for the day PT one--and she said the conditions as well as the working atmosphere there has gotten bad...forgive me for being vague, I don't want to out who she or the place is.  Anyhow, things have gotten so bad that she decided that she's got to get out there ASAP before she loses her mind and her license.  

I counseled her to look for another job and at least get some leads before she up and quits, especially with this job market and a bunch of new grads coming down the job-hunting pike in March.  But apparently things are bad enough that she wants to go now.  So I told her which hospitals were hiring new grads as well as told her to put in for a PRN spot at mine.  She's not a fan of psych but she said she probably would because it would be something.

I guess I lucked out when they rejected me.  And if this is what skilled nursing/rehab is really like, I'm kind of glad that rehab place never followed up with me either.

Work wants me to come in for the Super Bowl.  I had taken the day off a while ago--not for the game itself as I had thought that was last weekend--I just needed a break from working Sundays for a while.   Truth be told, I'm not a football fan:  I usually watch one quarter of it before I'm bored and change the channel, flipping back to get periodic updates as needed.  But that day is a close friend's birthday, and her husband may not be home from his business trip in time for it.  So I told her to let me know today--if he won't be home, I'll go and keep her company.  Otherwise, I'll put in for a shift.  I wonder what it'd be like to be on the detox unit for the Super Bowl...I mean, I've yet to be to a Super Bowl party--or anti-Super-Bowl party--where alcohol wasn't served in large amounts.