January 1, 2001

The Reading Room

Blogs of interest...to me anyway.  Some are nursing, some are not.

Telling Knots:  http://tellingknots.wordpress.com/
The Loony Bin:  http://www.randomfrequents.com/blog.html
My Nursing School Journey:  http://journeyofanursingstudent.blog.com/
New Grad Syndrome:  http://newgradsyndrome.blogspot.com/
Ramblings on Living the Dream:  http://RamblingsonLivingtheDream.us/

It's hard to find ones that are updated frequently (at least every month or so).

If you have suggestions for blogs for me to check out, comment below or e-mail me at meriwhen at gmail dot com.  Reciprocal linkbacks are always appreciated.

I've had to do this as a post since unlike WordPress, Blogger doesn't let me create multiple pages.

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