May 30, 2010


I started my next patho class. My first patho instructor was teaching this class too, but I got routed to a different instructor...which is fine because a change is a nice. But this new instructor has slammed us with assignments for the first week, then it eases up a little for the next two, then it lightens up a lot after that. I can't help but think that she's doing this to weed out people.

I've been doing non-stop homework since Friday. This instructor doesn't have the same rigid timelines that the last one did--everything just has to be in Monday at 2359. This is good and bad. Good in that it gives me flexibility. Bad in that with the old class, everything had to get done and didn't get postponed until the last minute. With this instructor, it's so easy to say "I'll do it later/tomorrow" evidenced by my waiting until Friday to get started on this. If I had my old instructor, a bulk of the written assignments would have already been turned in my Friday since that was when they were due.

So far all that remains is for me to respond to two posts (which can wait until tomorrow as not a lot of my classmates have posted yet), a paper (draft 1 today before work, finish it tomorrow), online modules (started today, will try to sneak some in at work later) and a quiz (whee).

At least I'm still not taking statistics! And when I start physical assessment next week, that'll be more like a review too, than having to start from scratch like I needed to do with stats

May 28, 2010

No longer new

I realized that I'm no longer a new grad anymore when someone asked me how long I've been a nurse and my answer was "about a year."  And I also realized this when I had to orient some other newly hired nurses.  Just by their mannerisms I thought to myself, "you must be a new grad"...and I was right :)

Although my official anniversary date is still a few weeks off...I think I can safely say that I've gotten through year #1.  I feel old now.

May 14, 2010

One year ago today...

was my pinning ceremony.  I wore a white dress for the fourth time in my life (baptism, first Communion, and pledge pinning were the other three).   My son kept wanting to wear my nurse's cap.  I received the valedictorian award--a lovely silver box.  What was more rewarding was what my classmates had to say about me during the ceremony.

So, one year ago this day I became a GN.  My days of being called a new grad are ending soon...they officially end in July.

Oh yeah, I got the A in statistics.  Thank God that class is over!  I'm leaving the textbook but taking the calculator.

May 10, 2010

Updates to the maternal situation

Long time, no post, I know...

My mother apologized the next day. This was the first time in my 30+ years on this planet that I can ever remember her apologizing for something she did and that [U]wasn't[/U] done in a sarcastic manner. My first thought when she said that was "who died?" Of course, after the apology--for which I made sure NOT to say "oh, it's all right" because it wasn't--she immediately proceeded to lecture me about not calling. Oh well, I guess since this is the best I'll get from her I'll take it.

I decided to call her out of the blue three days later to tell her about the little one's kindergarten registration experience. She was delighted and only lectured me for about half the call. She called me three days later and didn't say a word about call frequency. And so it's been going. Now we're talking roughly every 3-4 days. She's been careful not to attack me about not calling enough. In turn, I'm making the effort to actually call by day 4 if she hasn't.

I did mail the Mothers' Day card, and instead of flowers, I sent my dad money towards their getaway weekend that he had surprised her with. She started in with the "you shouldn't have" (and gifts with her, both given and received, are the subject of a whole other post) and I told her that I didn't have to and that she should just accept the gift gracefully. Hopefully they are having fun.

I think she's started to realize that what she wants, the daily calls an bestest-friends-forever relationship, are not going to be happening any time she should be happy with what relationship we do have. Besides, given time and healing, it may grow. It may not. I promise nothing, but I am optimistic.

In nursing news...the new lesson learned was that if you are drunk, you can not have a seizure...despite my patient's best efforts to "have" one. Once she learned that Librium was not forthcoming until her BAC dropped to an acceptable level, she had an immediate improvement in her condition and left AMA. This night also was the first time that I had to interrupt an assesment due to patient vomiting.