November 27, 2013

The next challenge

The 30-Day Shred is the most agonizing 22 minutes of my life.  I struggle through it grunting and panting.  For whatever reason, I have difficulty with a different exercise each time:  either certain muscles are sore, or I just can't get the form right, or I get fatigued really quickly.  I'm cursing anyone and everyone--especially Jillian Michaels--in two languages.  When I get to the final stretching period, I stay face down on the rug and pray for a swift and painless death.  Then two days later, I go and do it all over again.

The scale isn't budging, but the pants are fitting better and better.  And I've been told by someone that I've really lost weight, so I guess it's working...or they're being too kind.  Who knows?

Soreness notwithstanding--I have a torrid love affair going on with my bottle of ibuprofen 800mg--I do feel better overall  Not that I'm ready to run a marathon...but I feel more "fit" than I did at the beginning of the month.


I requested that my transcript be sent to myself as soon as my degree was conferred, so when it gets here, then I can officially sign things with "BSN."  I guess I technically could use BSN in my signature since I did complete all requirements, but I feel weird doing it without having my degree in hand.  Or at least having a transcript in hand stating that I have earned that degree.  

Since I no longer have classes to take and clearly still need another outlet for my energies (besides exercising, I've read several books, already knit a shawl and two hats, and have cast on another pair of socks), I decided that it was time to embark on the next challenge:

It arrived in the mail earlier this week.  I'm joining the elite...or going to attempt to, anyway.  From what I hear, this examination is truly hell on wheels.  So I decided that if I'm going to make the Spring 2014 test, I need to start revising now.  I have this guide, I have a bunch of addictions manuals, books and journals to go through, and I've made arrangements to pick up more hours working shifts in the addictions programs over the next couple of months.  I also need to sort through my CEUs and see how many addiction ones I have finished, because I will need to have 30 CEUs completed before I can test.

I feel a bit better doing this.  I've been working so hard at school for so long than I feel like I'm wasting my time if I don't work towards the next thing. 

It's been a busy several days.  Between both jobs, I've been everywhere:  ER, outpatient, partial, step-down, back to the ER.  Thanksgiving four day weekend for me...I'm off tomorrow, but on for Friday and Saturday.  I'll do my Black Friday shopping online.

November 10, 2013

I've done the 30-Day Shred for five times now.  Considering I started on Halloween, I'm averaging about one workout every two and a half days.   I haven't lost any weight, but some of my pants fit a little better.

I've also gained some endurance.  When I first started, I was only able to do five consecutive push ups before stopping for rest.  Now I can do eight consecutively.  I went from doing 15 in a minute (be aware that the minute is broken up into two 30-second sections) to doing 30 in a minute.  That is serious progress for me.

I'm also getting through the DVD with fewer breaks.  It's not pretty, and I prefer that no one be watching me as I workout as I'm sure I look as much of the uncoordinated wreck as I feel like I am.

I had to modify one exercise.  For reasons unknown, I can't mock jump-rope without having severe pain in my right tricep.  Even just the jumping without the mock hand actions hurt.  I can do the jumping jacks with no problem or pain.  I just can't mock jump-rope.  So I march in place for that's probably nowhere as effective, but it enables me to keep going.

I'm on a new assignment this week.  I'm vaguely familiar with the program that I'm going to cover, but it will be trial by fire.  Should be interesting.  It's at my main facility, so that means guaranteed shifts:  no worries about cancellation.  Three full days, one half day.

I also have no three-day weekend...oh well.  That's nursing for you.

November 5, 2013


As the first days of the rest of my life play out, I started doing an exercise workout:  Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred.  Tagline is that I can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days.  Now, the nurse in me knows that losing 20 pounds in 30 days is a.  not necessarily safe, and b.  not likely to last for the long haul.  I'll settle for losing 5 pounds in 30 days.

This is a short yet intense 20 minute workout.  I need nothing but the DVD, a workout mat, hand weights (which I didn't have until today, but I didn't let that stop me), sneakers, and 25 minutes to allow for a little warm up and cool-down.  Little one #2 providing commentary optional.

I opted for the easiest workout level and followed the modifications for beginners ("If you feel like you're going to die, follow Anita").  It was TOUGH.  Seriously.  I would have wimped out and burned the DVD if it was going to be any longer than 20 minutes.  I was so sore that I needed three days and plenty of ibuprofen to recover...and mental note to myself:  do not attempt a new workout before working inpatient.

I wasn't entirely ow-free when I did the workout the second time, but I also knew that if I didn't get back in the saddle as soon as I could, it'd just get harder and harder.  So on day three, I did the workout again.  The second time went a little easier, and I wasn't quite as sore.  I didn't need as much Motrin.

Since I was feeling a little better after this workout, I waited two days and did it again.  The workout is getting easier.  Yes, I still feel sore.

Anyhow, the rate I'm going, it's going to take me about 90 days.  Thank God I didn't opt for Power 90X.  That might have taken me half the year.

November 4, 2013


Rough shift recently:  everything that could go wrong at work did, and it was out of my control.  I can't go into too much detail without violating HIPAA or anonymity...but it seemed like very little went my way, and there was nothing I could do about it.  It was one of those days that I'm half worried that the agency will tell me the facility doesn't want me back anymore because of how bad the day was.  I'd be the perfect one to throw under the bus for everything because I was one of the few agency nurses on hand.  Didn't do anything wrong AFAIK nor was told as such...yet my thought is, Meriwhen, meet Bus Wheel.

Yes, I know I'm being a little paranoid.  But it was THAT bad of a day.

Oh well.  I did do my best and got through it.  And in the long-shot that I'm no longer desired by the facility, I'm sure my agency will let me know before my next scheduled agency shift.

Next week, I've got a week of guaranteed shifts at my main employer...and after today, I'm already looking forward to it.