April 21, 2011


Now with the in-laws for a few days. I'm blessed in that I have a really good relationship with my in-laws. If they're critical of me, at least they keep it to themselves 95% of the time...whereas my mother will tell me about it 95% of the time.

MIL is a psych nurse, so of course we discuss the trials and tribulations of our respective jobs...and of course, I seek her feedback on the workplace drama. I've been kept posted while I am gone and from the sound of things, it's really going downhill. Then I saw my next schedule and noticed that they've got me working constantly with the unit's new day nurse. This means one of two things: I'm either training her (possible but not likely) or I'm going to get floated more. Neither of which is really bad, IMO, and I think it's probably more me being floated. The remaining old staff have a theory--and the more I see the more I agree with it--is that they are trying to break us up and displace us. Reason being: they want more malleable personalities there and a majority of the old unit is not so malleable.

However, looking at all of the massive gaps in the schedule because of this, I wonder if staffing isn't shooting themselves and our unit in the foot. Then I remind myself that it won't be my problem anymore in three months, and just roll with things.

I decided that I am not going to stress if I can't complete my BC before I go. What helped me decide this is that I can't even schedule my test without the requisite two years' experience...and given the drama going on at work lately, I'm not even sure if I want to stick it out to make two years. Oh well.

April 18, 2011

Chilling in NYC

Home with the parents for a few days, then to the in-laws for a few days. The visit is going better than I thought it would...still some stress from my mom, especially when she tries to take control of everything and tell me what I'm doing wrong in life, parenting, eyeliner, etc. But I'm trying to let it all roll off me, like my therapist suggested I do.

It's nice to escape the drama at work for a while. I had made an innocent remark that was misconstrued by someone who got upset. No offense at all was meant by it; in fact, I can't even see how it was offensive in any way...anyhow, I left an apology message and then decided that someone is always going to be offended by something so I can't lose sleep over it. I made my amends, I'm letting it go; if they still have issues with it that is their problem.

April 5, 2011

Licensure by endorsement

It's raining cats and dogs, so I decided it would be the perfect day to work on getting my license endorsed to 2736. Thanks to modern technology, I did almost all of it while in my pajamas from the comfort of my home. I filled out the initial online application, faxed my transcript request to my school, and submitted my NURSYS license verification. All that I have left now is to get fingerprinted--and after two weeks I FINALLY found out where and how I can get that done--and get a passport photo, and then mail those two along to 2736's BON. Not bad work for a rainy day.

I am still hoping for a last-minute change-of-plans where I'm told that we don't have to move to 2736...but I know it'd be foolish of me to pin my hopes on that and not do anything. Things will move fast this summer and I will have a lot that I have to do for the move so I better start now. And if that last-minute change-of-plans does come through...well, I'll have a cleaner house and a RN license in the state of 2736, so travel nursing there would be an option.

I was supposed to film my last speech tonight, but I have to take my little one to a last-minute doctor's appointment. I decided to take my chances on seeing if any of my family that I'm visiting has a video camera that I can use, since it's not due for a couple of weeks. Otherwise I'll film it when I come back and turn it in late and accept the penalty. My grades are good enough that I can take a subpar speech grade and probably walk off with an A.

I'm trying to decide whether to pursue the BSN in 2736, or wait until I return home and go straight for the MSN. If I do that BSN in 2736, I will have to start from scratch as my nursing classes won't transfer over (the non-nursing ones will, of course). On the other hand, I'd really like to pursue the PMH-CNS and it'd be better if I could work for a while without the hassles of going back to school, and save up some cash in the process. Then I can return and focus on the PMH-CNS (or even the NP!). Decisions.

We also talked about having another child while we're out there, because at my age it's now or never. Well, not really, but I've no desire to get pregnant after 40 so it's now or never. Again, another thing I have to think about. One hand, it'd be nice to have two kids and give our current one a sibling. Other hand, current one has a lot of issues that he's about to start treatment for and I don't want to shortchange him by having my attention focused on a new baby. More decisions.