January 29, 2011

Finally broke 190

189.2. After about two weeks of trying to eat better, I didn't think I was ever going to break 190, but today I finally did. Partially due to smarter eating, and partially due to not eating at work since it's so busy and I don't get a break. I'm trying to break that habit though since it's not a healthy one. At the least, I'm no longer using not eating as an excuse to pig out with drive-through Wendy's after my shift...though some days I am very tempted.

I'm not exercising anywhere as much as I should be...though I am playing a lot more on the WiiFit with my son. He's discovered all of these FitPlus activities that are pretty fun and after watching him play them, I was motivated to try them out. I'm not exactly breaking up a sweat while playing them, but I am moving more.

I'm supposedly going to have an orientee nurse this coming week. I'm trying to be optimistic, especially since I briefly met her and she looked entirely non-plussed to be assigned to my unit. We'll see what happens though...hopefully it'll turn out better than I hope. My unit tends to scare a lot of nurses off...those who survive do very well, but not many survive long. It's usually the staffing issues and the workload--as in they'll be doing a lot more than they would on other units--that scares them in the end.

January 23, 2011

Not my problem

Week 1 of the diet...er, lifestyle change resulted in me going down nearly 4 lbs. I haven't broken 190 yet--in fact, I was at 190.0. But it's a start. I give myself one day to sin (i.e., no point tracking whatsoever) and behave the other 6. Now I need to start getting more active.

We're short-staffed on our unit and work's answer is to call asking me to fill in all sorts of shifts. They left two messages in less than one day about different shifts, always going on about how it's a "crisis" and can I come in. I've declined politely explaining that I already have plans...which is true for the most part. Some of those plans may involve me flopping on a pillow with a good book, but they are plans nonetheless.

But seriously...the staffing problem isn't mine to fix. I'm not a supervisor, management, etc...I'm nothing but a staff nurse. I'm fulfilling my hourly requirement and then some, so why should I kill myself to do more because there is a "crisis"...which a majority of the time isn't really a crisis, but some PRN nurse whining and pouting because she doesn't want to be on that unit. I'm doing what I've been paid to do and I'm doing it well, and IMO the time away from work should be mine. They need to get more nurses assgined to our unit staff, and that's all there is to it.

January 11, 2011


One of my courses was cancelled for reasons unknown--apparently the school was as surprised about it as we were--and rescheduled for the fall. My other class is really more of a one-credit weekly meeting of the minds (i.e., no tests, no papers) than a class. I looked at my schedule for the next four semesters and realized that with this cancellation, this semester would be the perfect time to knock off one of the two non-nursing classes that I am still required to complete.

So I enrolled in an online public speaking class at the local CC. There was one class open with one seat left, and I grabbed it. I'm a day late since it started on Monday, and I may not have access to the class itself until Thursday, so I'm already going to start off at the rear of the pack. Fortunately it being an online class there is a degree of flexibility, and I'll have the textbook by tomorrow.

I started walking on the treadmill on my days off. Of course, I'm still getting horrible chub rub, but I'm using lots of protectant on my thighs at each walk and hoping for the best. I have also been trying to eat better...I'm trying not to say the word "diet" since that immediately makes me hungry.

The work environment has become more stressful...for whatever reason management is on edge and is taking it out on the workers. So far my struggles have all been with staffing, as in I never get enough to help me out.

As far as myself goes, this week--the whole month, in fact--does promise to be stressful personally. Family seperation. I've been doing my best to keep a stiff upper lip for everyone and save the sadness for when I'm alone. I guess that's the other reason why I jumped at taking another class online: something else to keep me occupied, Also, there is the fact that I don't want to be slammed with classes and clinicals in the upcoming semesters, especially since the one class being moved to the fall killed my plans to take a non-nursing class at that time too.

At the same time, part of me says to just not worry about taking any class now or the extra classes later, and focus on the little one, myself and work for the next few months. And that does sound tempting. But I compromised and took a whole-semester class, not a condensed half-semester one. That way, everything is spread out over several months and I'm not going at breakneck speed through everything. And I have until Monday to decide if I want to drop it and retake it later.

January 3, 2011

Getting ready to do this student thing again

I just ordered my textbooks and clincal uniforms for the upcoming semester. I got the top in two sizes as I'm not sure which size will fit me, and as much as I am flattered by the website's guestimate of my size based on my measurements, there is no way in hell that I am a Medium. For starters, the guesser only goes by bust sizes--which may be a Medium--and does not consider hip size. And hips I have!

I got a Large and Extra Large tops (I'll trade the loser in), and Large unisex pants (I know from experience purchasing unisex pants that I'm not an XL). Lab coat is supposed to be larger so I went with Women's Extra Large.

The last of my family leaves in two days. A thorough reassessment of my diet and exercise habits will commence in 3 days.

January 2, 2011


Happy new year!

Someone asked me if I might have said anything to my PCP that could have been misconstrued as SI. No, I didn't say anything to my PCP, even in jest, that could be construed as being SI. I was too busy trying to stay warm while fantasizing about a Wawa breakfast sandwich.

Anyhow, followed up with the PCP. More SI interrogation...no, they didn't hand me the Zoloft script, but I was told that if I felt down or needed anything to not hesitate to call them. I'm not sure if they're convinced...I mean, it's nice they are so concerned but I did say I was fine. Several times.

I have to admit that I have a deeper insight into some of my patients now. It's kind of weird being asked these questions, especially when SI was the last thing on my mind...and then feeling like people don't believe me when I tell them I'm fine. Not that I'm going to start taking my patients' word automatically, but I will remember how I was feeling when I was on their end.

Interesting note: they quizzed me on antianxiety medication use (no), psych medication use (no), and sleep aid use (occasionally diphenhydramine but even then, once a month max)...but didn't ask me about alcohol or illegal drug use. An omission that as a psych nurse I couldn't help but pick up on. Mind you, if they asked, I'd have had to answer "yes" (alcohol only) and I'm sure that would have really sent them over the edge. Oy.

Work changes...staffing shakeups. The new year has not gotten off to a smooth start at my facility. Fortunately, I have a schedule that is giving me some nice long stretches off.