January 29, 2011

Finally broke 190

189.2. After about two weeks of trying to eat better, I didn't think I was ever going to break 190, but today I finally did. Partially due to smarter eating, and partially due to not eating at work since it's so busy and I don't get a break. I'm trying to break that habit though since it's not a healthy one. At the least, I'm no longer using not eating as an excuse to pig out with drive-through Wendy's after my shift...though some days I am very tempted.

I'm not exercising anywhere as much as I should be...though I am playing a lot more on the WiiFit with my son. He's discovered all of these FitPlus activities that are pretty fun and after watching him play them, I was motivated to try them out. I'm not exactly breaking up a sweat while playing them, but I am moving more.

I'm supposedly going to have an orientee nurse this coming week. I'm trying to be optimistic, especially since I briefly met her and she looked entirely non-plussed to be assigned to my unit. We'll see what happens though...hopefully it'll turn out better than I hope. My unit tends to scare a lot of nurses off...those who survive do very well, but not many survive long. It's usually the staffing issues and the workload--as in they'll be doing a lot more than they would on other units--that scares them in the end.

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