July 10, 2007


I figured I’d do like everyone else in the world and start a weblog, this one to write about my experiences in nursing school.  I’m a nursing student…well, I shall shortly be one:  my classes begin in August.

I’m pursuing an ADN at a community college located in the boondocks of where I live.  I’ve already got a BA (not in nursing, but still, a BA’s a BA) so I figured the associates’ was the best option for me.  I’ve heard mostly good things about the school…I did read one person posting negatively about it, but when I asked him/her for more information, he/she never responded.  So I’m guessing that their post was more releasing steam than anything to worry about, but we shall see. 

My first orientation is Wednesday.  Dress code is business casual.  I’m not sure if I own any business casual wear anymore.

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