August 16, 2011

The itch is back

I'm now PALS certified. It was a fun experience: I was the only psychiatric nurse in a sea of ED nurses and a PA student. They taught me just as much as the course instructors did.

So that itch is back. I figure that since I am getting ready to move across the country that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out something new for a while. Not that there's no psych in California--God, there's tons of it! But lately I'm feeling like a complete and utter change of work to go with my change of scenery. Plus I feel that some time in a different area will help make me a more well-rounded psych NP down the road.

I'm eyeing a move to ED and tele. ED because I think that as a psych nurse, it wouldn't be a horrible transition--I'm used to dealing with patients in crisis and psychiatric emergencies...and after all, a good portion of my patient population comes from the ED. Tele because the last two days in PALS class reminded me of how much I love playing EKG sleuth. Or I may just go flat-out for the med-surg. So I got my ACLS renewed, added on PALS and plan to start boning up on my medical basics.

It's been kind of tough getting back into the workflow after a week of looking for a new place to live out west. I almost want to submit my letter of resignation now and enjoy some time off as well as be free to tie up the loose ends and get this move organized...but I promised myself that come hell or high water I would make it to my 2nd year anniversary in psych. Besides, the extra cash will come in handy since I don't know how long it will take me to find work.

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