June 30, 2014

So I'm liking job #3.  It's mostly triaging and handling refills and appointments, with the occasional in-person chat or VS/weight check.  This is going to nicely refine my assessment skills.  It's also going to push me to relearn Spanish, as about half of my patients don't speak English.  I'm getting really good at dealing with interpreters, though.

I don't know how often I will get to work there though, as they have a very strict seniority system.  I'm pretty low on the per-diem pecking order, and it's after they call everyone else--and everyone else turns them down--that they will call me.  I did manage to score a week in August though.

The secret is also out at my main facility.  I knew it wasn't going to remain a secret when I saw faces in my orientation that I already knew--they left my main facility to come and work for this one.   And I was surprised at who at job #3 knew who else at jobs #1 and #2.  Nursing REALLY is a very small world.

I guess there's no real reason for job #3 to remain a secret.  It's not as though I'm doing anything illegal or immoral, or violating any agreement between myself and either job #1 or job #2.


Speaking of job #2, I was back there after more than a month away.  Of course, there's been significant changes in that month, but I'm used to it with this place.  I'm actually more surprised if there HASN'T been any changes since the last time I was there.   It was a smooth day on my unit, which was appreciated as we were short-staffed...whereas the other two units were adequately staffed, yet their acuities were off the chain.  Though as the agency person, I was recruited to fill some LVN duties in addition to my RN ones.   No worries...if anything, it helped the day go by faster (that's how mellow the unit I was on was).

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