May 10, 2015

I'm entering the final week of my assignment with Job #3.  When I started I thought I would struggle because it was so long since I had worked there (6 months!), but I found that it came back to me pretty quickly.  It's also a nice change not to wear scrubs to work...though I'm ready to get back to them.  I only have two pairs of dress pants so I have to do laundry frequently.  And I can't wear skirts because of the tattoos on my legs, which would take quite a bit of Dermablend to cover them up.

After this is the nursing convention which I am working at.  I didn't schedule any work for most of that week, so even though I'll be "working" for the forum, I won't have to work.  Then after that my schedule is rather light until the middle of June.  I kept it intentionally so since I have to renew BLS, ACLS, CPI and a bunch of other things.  Plus do some things around the house before I begin my summer assignment at Job #1.

Then there's the ED preceptorship, though it may not happen right away.  I finished part 2 of the ED course and wrote the school saying that I would like to do the preceptorship.  The instructor, the school and I are trying to negotiate when this can happen.  We're aiming to do it at Job #1 (the instructor happens to work for the same healthcare organization as I).  I had told them that either mid-May to Mid-June, or I'd have to wait until October after this assignment.  I'm thinking it'll probably be October, since it takes time for my organization to get things processed.  Plus in October, I'll have a lot more freedom in the days and shifts I can work.

So in the meantime, I'm getting all of the paperwork and requirements completed.  I may have to take PALS...I think I'll try to do that before the summer.  I took it once before but I had let it lapse, so it won't be entirely foreign territory.

In the meantime, I started working out regularly.  I actually started on April 1.  I've been doing a workout DVD about every other day.  I don't think I look any different, but I do feel better overall.  And on day #1, I couldn't get through the workout without stopping every few seconds--now my endurance has increased to the point that it's rare if I pause.

I also started paying closer attention to what I'm eating because I didn't like my most recent GFR.  Yes, I know that a GFR measurement alone does not indicate kidney disease...and fortunately, all of my other levels were fine.  But I did have the preecplampsia and then post-partum preeclampsia from my pregnancy with littler one, and since then my GFRs have been below normal.  This one is the lowest yet.  Also, my blood pressure still requires a med to keep it under control, and I could still stand to lose weight.   So let me act on a potential problem now before it becomes an actual one.

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Kolohe said...

Hope you enjoy the NTI. I wonder if you could do me a favor? When you see Diana give her a hug for me and tell her Kolohe says "hello". :)