May 30, 2010


I started my next patho class. My first patho instructor was teaching this class too, but I got routed to a different instructor...which is fine because a change is a nice. But this new instructor has slammed us with assignments for the first week, then it eases up a little for the next two, then it lightens up a lot after that. I can't help but think that she's doing this to weed out people.

I've been doing non-stop homework since Friday. This instructor doesn't have the same rigid timelines that the last one did--everything just has to be in Monday at 2359. This is good and bad. Good in that it gives me flexibility. Bad in that with the old class, everything had to get done and didn't get postponed until the last minute. With this instructor, it's so easy to say "I'll do it later/tomorrow" evidenced by my waiting until Friday to get started on this. If I had my old instructor, a bulk of the written assignments would have already been turned in my Friday since that was when they were due.

So far all that remains is for me to respond to two posts (which can wait until tomorrow as not a lot of my classmates have posted yet), a paper (draft 1 today before work, finish it tomorrow), online modules (started today, will try to sneak some in at work later) and a quiz (whee).

At least I'm still not taking statistics! And when I start physical assessment next week, that'll be more like a review too, than having to start from scratch like I needed to do with stats

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