June 28, 2010

Learned my lesson

I had a long talk with myself over it. I admit, I was lax about this one. I was too busy dealing with my other class, work has been nuts the last couple of weeks, I had done well in class and clinical, and the fact that I'm a nurse has so far proven to be to my advantage in class and clinical. I own up to it: I was getting cocky...and it bit me.

Of course, the next day I was in the panicky "My God, I'm going to fail the class!" mode. But I talked myself down off of that cliff--I know I'll fail if I keep that attitude up. So off I am to focus on the next test and to keep doing my best. I'm not the first person to fail a NS test nor will I be the last. Having done so well all those years, the fact that I've failed a test is embarrassing and humbling...but apparently it didn't kill me--the world keeps going on.

My old classmates wouldn't believe me if I told them I failed, though.

Mind you, it could have been worse because I could have really bombed it. With the test included, I'm running an 83 for the class so far. Not great--it's a C--but passing, and I can still bring it up to a B. I'm not going to worry about the A. I'd like it, but I really want to focus more on the hands-on part of clinical, since there's a lot of clinical skills covered in there that I haven't practiced much being in psych nursing.

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