June 26, 2010

So it finally happened...

I failed my first nursing school test.   78% is passing; I got a 76%. 

It was in my assessment class.  In reviewing the test, some of my incorrect were stupid mistakes on my part.  Some were due to reading something as being correct in the book only to have it be incorrect on the exam.   And some were the fact that I'm practicing as a nurse in the real world and the test is, of course, in the ivory-tower world of nursing.  As I rapidly learned, it's been a while since I dealt with nursing test questions.  Ironically, the fucked-up question--the one missing a key piece of information in it, was one I got right.  Damn lucky guess there.

Oh well. 

I'm bummed but I'm taking the failure rather well...I guess because, as I've been saying for ages, there's not as much pressure on me this time around--I can fail out and still be a nurse.  And I'm focusing on relaxing and enjoying it more,  as well as enjoying life more instead of making school a 24/7 thing again.  I'm not stressing so much over making the As becaue I'm not as competitive over the grades--I graduated once with honors and that's more than a lot of people have done. 

I still intend to see my instructor and have her go over the test with me in detail, and there are a couple that I do plan to argue.  But for the most part...I think I'll be OK with this.  I must do better on the next test, though.

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