January 15, 2015

Usually, most nurses have to do this during their first year, but I like to do things differently

NOC.  Tomorrow is my first NOC shift ever...well, ever as a nurse.  It only took me several years to get here.

You know that informal interview I had earlier this week?  Well, they liked me enough to decide I'm worth training and are going to spring for the training .  They talked to my manager, who authorized the crisis management course I'll have to take and will pick up that cost.  I'm being invested in...it's a nice feeling.

I train this weekend, and if they're satisfied with my performance, I'll be able to pick up NOCs there whenever I want.  There's a few psych units with a nice mix of populations, including that psych-medical unit that I've been trying to get on for a few years now.   I won't get to choose where I go--I'll be sent wherever I'm needed...which is perfectly fine with me.  It's just nice to have a new location to get work at.

So I need to get myself into the NOC time-mindset...guess I'll be staying up a little later than usual tonight.

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