January 17, 2015

I think I could do NOCs

NOC #1.  I was on the open units.  Great group of nurses, interesting mix of patients.  Actually got to see the supervisor/charge nurse in action on the units all night instead of them holing up somewhere...I like that.  The routine at this facility is different than what I'm used to at my regular facility, but not drastically.  Still, those little quirks will take some getting used to.

It was peaceful (not always a bad thing in psych), but there was enough to do that I wasn't bored.  In fact, the first four hours flew by--before I knew it, it was 0300 and I was told to go to lunch.  Around 0500, I started struggling in the staying-AOx4 department, but revived by going out for some fresh air.

I was home before 0800, though not in bed until nearly 0900...that was because two little ones were excited to see me when I got home, so they needed some love and attention.  I slept until 1400, then took nap this evening.  I'm feeling pretty good about doing it all again tonight.  I'll be on the locked units, so there promises to be some excitement.

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Kolohe said...

And how is going? Still OK with NOC's?