March 3, 2015

Very very busy lately.  I've been covering a lot at one site and pulling some NOCs at another...this is all for job #1.  Jobs #2 and 3 I haven't been at in quite a while...I think it's going to be time to finally part ways with Job #2, though on the most amicable terms possible.  Job #3 is per-diem so I'm just staying active enough to remain in their system.

NOCs are growing on me.  NOCs in psych are fun.  Enough patients are awake to keep it interesting, administration is out of our hair, and the hours fly by.

I think the NOC site is wooing me.

I asked for a set of keys:  I got two.  I asked if they could sign off on one of my competencies, and they gave me a whole stack more to complete that were just for them.  The last time I was there, I found they made me a mailbox.  Today, I learned they started including me on their staff lists.

I admit, my head is turned.

But I have a few more months to decide where I want to land.  I'm still finishing up the emergency nursing class, and then I have the preceptorship.  After that, I'm going to go to Job #3 to see if I can land a position in that area, either ER or urgent care.  Then I'll do that 3 days a week and keep Job #1 for 2 days a week.

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