October 21, 2016

Social Media

I have a Facebook account.  I used to use it a lot when younger, but my usage has dropped off.   I got too tired of reading all the political and social diatribes.  All I want is to connect and catch up with someone, and instead I have to wade through all of these rants, memes, links, and other junk coming for each and every side and POV just to get to them.  And of course, each believes their POV is the only accurate one.

All I want to see when I get onto Facebook is what my friends are up to...and funny cat videos.  There's always time for a funny cat video.  Or seven.

Another reason is that IMO, it's more fun actually living life than posting about living life.   And as one gets older, one learns that every moment of one's life need not be documented in nauseating detail.  Unless this is your chosen career, of course.

I don't do the whole "must friend everyone I work with."  I mostly wait until after we have parted ways at the workplace to add them.  I have a few current coworkers there because I genuinely like them, between both workplaces, I don't see them regularly enough to keep them in the loop on what's going on, and/or we're playing the same online games and there's perks to having a Facebook friend connected with it.  Sometimes, it's more than one of the above.

So I am more likely to connect with co-workers after we're no longer working together.  However, I am now in an awkward spot:  a former coworker has switched facilities, joined me at Job #3 and is now in a supervisory position over me.  We were peers when we were working together the first time.  But she was ready for a change in her career, and Job #3 made her an offer she could not refuse.

Now, as a rule, I post very little on Facebook that is work-related;  if I do post something, it's either positive as hell or at least neutral.  I also do not post anything too personal about myself.  Nor do I go all virtual-PDA with the better half...seriously, some people wonder if he even exists as I talk about him so little online.  Then again, he talks very little about me, so we both prefer it that way.  It's the little ones that get all our press.

So I'm not worried about shooting myself in the foot about posting something that I should not have.  And I genuinely like her as a person and she likes me.  But now that she's above me in the pecking order, I'm not sure how I feel about this social media relationship.  I'll have to think on this.  I wouldn't go so far as to de-friend her, especially as 1.  I do like her, 2. it'd be awkward as hell, and 3. my days at job #3 will be coming to an end soon, and that will resolve the problem.  If I still feel awkward about it, I may move her to a more restricted list for a while, and at least keep her supplied with pics of the little ones.

Moving on...

I have a Twitter account, but it's strictly professional, as in my real name.  I tried having a Meriwhen one but updating that and this blog was too much.  I tried having a personal one but never found myself reaching for it often.  Plus, Twitter is more geared towards shorter but more frequent usage.  And the fact that Twitter tends to be a lynch mob.   So I just have the professional account.  I use it to share information and network.

And that's the extent of what I use, for all of my web-savvy.   If you really want to find me online, the best place is here or at the nursing forum.

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