October 28, 2016


I have decided that I need to learn Tagalog.  I work with a lot of Filipino nurses and their conversations often lapse into an English/Tagalog hybrid.  And yes, I'm damn curious as to what they're saying.   I'm not personally offended by being excluded from the conversation because of lack of Tagalog knowledge, I'm just curious.

Actually, given the high Filipino population in the area, learning Tagalog would probably be a wise move for me.  Just like learning Spanish will be a boon in this area as well.  I should consider Tagalog after I get Spanish down pat.  I started working on that again...I thought that I didn't have the time to do it, so I made the time.  I discovered that I can use my Rosetta Stone on both my cell phone and tablet, so now I spend my lunch breaks in an empty office saying random Spanish words into a microphone.  

I used to walk around the hospital during lunch breaks, but now that I'm exercising more at home, I think I can skip doing laps around the campus.

I thought about refreshing the Italian (i.e., what comes out of my mouth when attempting to speak Spanish), but I don't think I would be able to put it to as much use.  I don't know any Italian speakers to talk to in person; it would just be online.  Whereas with Spanish--and Tagalog--I'd have plenty of people in-the-flesh to practice with.

*  Or "Hello."  Blame Google for any English-Tagalog mistranslation.

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