January 30, 2017

In which Meriwhen shrinks, and crafts a resignation to boot

Since November, I've lost about 15 lb.  I decided to try intermittent fasting...well, the Leangains method, since the idea of going 24 hours without any sort of food is inconceivable to me.  Well, except that time I had my tonsils removed:  I lived on ginger ale for a whole month because it was too painful to eat anything at all.  I lost 30 lb. that month, but I don't recommend tonsillectomies as a weight loss method.

The all-the-ice-cream-you-can-eat thing is a myth, BTW.  And if you can, get the tonsils out when you're a kid.  I was 21 when I had mine removed.  I'm still traumatized from the experience.

So Leangains....you fast 16 hours, eat 8 hours.  So I don't eat at work and go right to sleep when I get home.  I wake up and then I have 8 hours to eat what I want.  I still try to eat sensibly though, but I do feel less deprived doing it this way than I would if I was counting calories and looking at forbidden foods.

So 15 lb done.  20+ to go.  I'll be happy if I hit the low 160s.  I'm tall, so I can carry 160s well.


I officially decided to resign from Job #3.  You know I've been on the fence about it for a while, and I was going to do it in November until my new supervisor happened to be a former coworker/friend who didn't want to see me go.  So I held off and held on.  I wasn't scheduled there at all in December, which made me realize how much I've been missing my days off.  And the better half and little ones loved having me around more instead of hauling off to the day job after a full week of working nights.

Then I was a no-call/no-show at Job #3 in January.

I'm very meticulous with my work schedules, and often know them better than the schedulers.   For some reason, the day I was scheduled for this month escaped me and my calendar.  I didn't realize what happened until the scheduler called me to make sure I was alive (that's how meticulous I am--if I don't show up for work without calling off, they automatically assume I'm dead or on the way to death).  I reassured her that I still had a pulse (74 bpm), then checked my e-mails...and found the one where I agreed to work that specific day.  Still don't know how it got away from me.

But you know what?  After finding out I was a no-call/no-show...I was strangely apathetic.  I didn't seem bothered about missing work itself.  I was more bothered that I didn't keep the calendar up.  But as for not being there...I sometimes feel guilty calling off when sick and holding a doctor's note in hand.  But I didn't feel guilty about this.

And so I realized that perhaps, it's time to let Job #3 go.

The problem is that I actually have to resign in person...well, via company intranet.  So I have to wait until my next scheduled day in February (and yes, the calendar was triple-checked), and then go resign.  I'm working on my letter that I'll fax over with the computer resignation explaining why I'm going.  The official reason--and actually, the honest reason--will be that I am taking on more responsibilities at Job #1 and that I will no longer have the extra time to meet the PRN requirements.  That is a story for another post.

I called Human Resources at Job #3.  I only have to give 72 hours notice (really!).  I plan give 3 weeks and work all the days I have scheduled in February.  I will talk to my friend/supervisor first, to give her a heads-up so she's not blind-sided.

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