March 7, 2017

Last day at Job #3

I received my final paycheck from Job #3 in the mail.  They actually had it ready to give to me at my last day, except they didn't know where they put it.  So I told them to mail it to me.

I never did tell you about how the last day went, did I?

It was mixed.  I know that by resigning, I was making the right decision.  At the same time, I was going to miss my coworkers.  I had already said some goodbyes in person a couple of weeks prior.  On the final day, I messaged those who I couldn't get to see before I left that I was going, and gave my contact info in case they wanted to get in touch.  I cleaned out my e-mail and message boxes, and removed any personal files...there weren't many left as I started doing that once I decided to resign.

The nurse manager/my friend brought me flowers--which are actually still in great shape a week later--and food, which was sweet of her.  The administrator told me that I would be missed and that I would be welcome back.  And you never know--things in my life might change and I end up going back down the road.

I made one last pharmacy haul to use my 25% employee discount.  Stocked up on diphenhydramine, as I use 100mg for sleep on work nights.

Work itself was kind of slow.  There was a nursing inservice that day and I was invited to go along even though it was my last day.   I was hesitant at first since it was my last day, but I'm glad I did decide to go, as some of my coworkers that I didn't get to see before I went were there, so I got to say goodbye in person.  The presentation was about substance abuse and managing withdrawal.  Not only did I get to spend 1.5 hours discussing a topic I love, I got paid and picked up some CEUs as well.

Not long after that, I had to see nurse manager/friend to turn my stuff in.  That was sad but we had to laugh about how small the nursing world is, as this is the second workplace we've been together at, and a number of staff from our first shared workplace came over to this workplace as well.  And that we've probably both find ourselves together at a future workplace.  Then I left.

I decided that I needed In-N-Out Burger to soothe my wounded soul, so I took the long way home to stop at the one two towns over.   One Double-Double (no veg) later, I felt a little better.

And that's it, really.  It was a fairly low-key day, which suited me as I prefer to leave quietly in the night from such things.

It took a little getting used to being employed at only one organization.  I've always had the safety net of multiple jobs at the same time, so if I felt unhappy at one I could spend more time at one of the others.   Now, all my eggs are in one basket, so to speak.  But there are plenty of opportunities for extra work, and they're even willing to pay overtime if that's what it takes.

And the committee that I'm now involved in guarantees me several hours a month.  But that's a story for another post.

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