May 15, 2017

The bane of my existence...

In the last week, I attempted 23 IV starts.  The one I managed to get in was later determined by the MD to be not good enough for his essentially, I batted .000.  I did get one successfully started the week before, and on a psychotic hallucinating patient, no less.  So for the whole month, I'm 1 for 24, or 4.166% percent successful.

My IV skills are not improving despite hell AND high water.

I decided that it's time I broke down and took a LVN IV Therapy course.  So I went to the BVNPT website and found local approved course providers, and messaged them for more information.  I suppose since I'm not going for BVNPT certification, I could take a course that wasn't approved by them.  But I consider the fact that a course has BVNPT approval as meaning that the course content is up to snuff.

That is the downside to working in psych:  we almost rarely start IVs.   Psych-medical sees more IVs than the rest, but even then, it's nowhere as many as you'd see on your typical med-surg floor.

IMs are no problem:  I can give an IM to a patient under pretty much any conditions.  And have.

So while I wait to hear back from the courses about enrollment, I'll be pulling out all my IV books and reading them...again.   I wish they sold an IV practice kit that didn't involve a human body part.

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