May 4, 2017

Typing this while wearing high heels

I have a social event to go to in a few days, so I finally bought a new pair of party shoes.  The last pair of high heel shoes I have is more than 20 years old--they're still in good condition since I wear them so infrequently.  I just can't find them, so I decided to get a new pair.  I'm currently wearing them over a pair of red wool socks to break them in.  The following day after the social event is a work day, and I want to minimize the inevitable blisters.

I don't usually wear high heels as gracefulness is not one of my strong suits.  That, and wearing high heels puts me into the "rather tall female" category.  I also don't usually wear dresses but I will be that day, and I am now debating whether to get some Dermablend to conceal the leg ink.  I'm not ashamed of my ink, but I also don't want to commit a social faux-pas.

24 pounds down.  Some of our long-term patients have commented that I've been losing weight.

I don't really see it, though.  I mean, I can tell from the fit of my clothing that there's less of me.  In fact, I had to break down and order some smaller scrub pants, since a lot of the ones I own were unable to be cinched tight enough at the waist (I'm all about the drawstring) to prevent them from dragging on the floor.  But I don't look at myself and say, "you know what, I do look thinner!"  I guess because I look at my face and body every single day so I'm not noticing the subtle changes.

Anyhow, this loss means I'll have 22 pounds to go before I hit my minimum ideal weight--27 until I hit my maximum.  145-150 looks good on me; any less, and I start to look ill.

I'm hoping to lose the rest, or at least most of it, before the eye surgery in August...yes, a date has been set.  Late August.  I have already informed my manager that I will be having some minor surgery (didn't say for what) and will be off work for up to 10 days.   I asked if I should put in for time off now, or just wait and see.  No response yet and it's been a couple of weeks...I think I need to remind them that I will be off for surgery starting on that day regardless of what they say.

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