November 25, 2009

I bought a new stethoscope while I'm speed-defrosting a turkey

I brought a Littmann Classic II SE for myself.  I needed a smaller steth than my CD-27 (which I love but damn, is it heavy!) for going to the clinic as well as for work, especially since they're going to be spreading the physical assessments over the entire day now instead of leaving the bulk of them to the night shift.   I will actually need to have a steth that works pretty well instead of the behemoth steth we keep in the drawer.  Plus, I'll need it for clinical when they start up.

It's also personalized with something important:  RN.  Meriwhen, RN.  Well, my real name plus RN...I don't think I'll be advertising myself as Meriwhen at work anytime soon.  Though I'm sure a few classmates have figured out who I am by now...but like I tell people when they call at the nurses station but don't have authorization to talk to the patients:  I shall neither confirm nor deny my identity on the board.

I forgot that Turkey Day is tomorrow and I didn't take my turkey out to defrost.  So I got a bucket from the garage, put it in, and filled it with cold water.  I'm changing the water q1h until I leave for work, then it goes in the fridge, then my better half will resume defrosting until I get home.  I hope it comes out OK.

Happy holidays!

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