November 2, 2009

Mental note: read the syllabus

The first week of my first BSN (pre-BSN) class drew to a close.  It had a rough start as I got my dates mixed up and ended up turning the first assignment in a day late (thank God I decided to log in--I noticed all of the postings).  Participation-wise, I fell short too.  I thought I was participating enough but then I counted up my postings and was one post short of the minimum guideline.  Of course, had I bothered to read the syllabus fully on day 1, I would have had the answers to A and B and therefore no problems.  But I didn't because I thought I had several days before the first piece of work was even due.  I thought about telling my teacher about being sick and pleading for leniency, but you know what:  it's my responsiblilty to know what's going on in class.  I just have to suck up whatever grade I get for the week and do better next week. 

Lessons learned. 

I've combed through the class calendar and added the due dates to my Outlook, printed out the next two assignments and when they are due (end of this week), and today I plan to go through every inch of that syllabus to make sure I understand it all. 

I'm looking forward to going back to work.  Despite being sick and all the stress, the week off has been nice.  But I'm also bored and itching to get back on the floor.

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