November 6, 2009


I got my first week's marks, and I didn't fare as poorly as I thought I did.   Actually, I did very well.

The next two homework assignments were turned in on time.  One assignment is utter crap though.  It was a group project...except my group wasn't really there.  They sort of got started, but one member had a family emergency of the life and death rank.  One member went AWOL. 

So that leaves me. 

I didn't mind--I'm not getting a zero by not turning anything in so if I have to do the lion's share, fine.  Also, family emergencies trump schoolwork, so I can respect that.  So all night I kept posting drafts and asking for input when possible.  All night I got nothing.  I wrote a few drafts on the board and countless more in Word.

Finally, with 5 minutes to go before the deadline, I had to call it a game and post what I wrote.   After reading it, it's crap compared to everyone else's, but I didn't have a choice.  One of the other groups pulled together beautifully.  The other group managed to capture the assignment beautifully.  Meanwhile my, trying to stay awake after being up for almost 24 hours. 

Then I found out after the fact that the group area we were supposed to work this in is visible to not only to the teacher, but to the other students.  I had thought the groups were basically, everyone knows I did all the work.


What could I do?  Rock to the left, hard place to the right.  I'm going to sleep now.

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ozella said...

Hi.. I read on the allnurses cite that you are at sentera for your nursin program. Are u doin the traditional rn track? And also, did u wait until u had all your prereqs done before u applied, or did u apply as u were finishing the lasts of the them? I'm interested in their program and would greatly appreciate your experience. Thanks, in advance. You can email me or just reply here...