December 28, 2009


They say the holidays are slow in psych...yeah, right.  The place is packed as though they are giving stuff away for free inside.  They also say that PRN time tends to dry up during the holidays...again, yeah right.  HR is calling me perpetually to see if I can come in for any extra shift or even part thereof.  I had a rollicking evening the other day:  we have a full house (and then some!) on detox with a complete range of characters and personalities...including two borderlines, which makes things challenging at times.

No codes though, so it's all good.

Christmas was nice.  The child was very much spoiled by the grandparents.  I got one thing I really wanted (a Zelda game for my DS), and one complete surprise (a diamond--small but one nonetheless).  I finished the shawl for my mom, who loved it.  Dad loved his Monty Python DVDs.  Lots of good home cooking too.  I don't know if I gained any weight from the first set of grandparents...surprisingly, I held steady over the Turkey Day holiday:  didn't lose but didn't gain.  I think what's been helping me is sticking with my usual breakfast and lunch routine, so even though I may indulge a bit more at dinner, I'm still doing decently overall.

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