December 7, 2009

Random stuff

My most recent shift at work was much better. I went into it saying that I wasn't going to let the growing pains hold me back, that I'd go in and do the best damn work that I could. Of course, for a census of 9, I was incredibly busy. The problem is that if it's less than 10, there's only one nurse staffed for the shift, or possibly a RN/LPN combo. But it was just me and the tech on detox...and since he's running all the groups, I'm doing the rest of his duties as well as my own. It's all good though.

I had the last day of my BSN class today, thank God. It wasn't horrible...but it was a lot of work for 6 weeks. As I said, I'm going into the end with an A, so unless I really dropped the ball on my final presentation, I'll likely keep it. I'm ready for a break until Statistics, which is this spring's excitement.  I do worry a bit about many of my classmates though.  All but one are just starting nursing school, and they're all in that idealistic "rose-colored glasses" stage of nursing school, where it's all perfect and they're all Florence Nightingales in training.  The first clinical course is really going to knock them upside the head.

My stethoscope's pinkish, not really the raspberry I thought it would be. It's still nice though...and it has Meriwhen, RN lasered onto it, which is the best part. It's the first thing I bought for myself that had "RN" on it.

My son's birthday is today...5 years old. The little scamp isn't so little anymore!

Meanwhile, my birthday is Thursday. I'm trolling the yarn website, deciding what I want to order as a gift for myself. I have a pattern for a coat that I've been eyeing for a couple of years now. It is supposedly super-easy to knit (though being a coat, it will take a LONG time to knit!) and I'm thinking that now I graduated, I may just get around to doing it...

And also knit some more socks. I need wool socks. I have Raynauds in my right foot, though for three years I never knew it was called that--I always called it "attack of the white toe" and attributed it to the fact that I wear sandals every month except January, and that I constantly walk around barefoot on a marble floor.  When I was in Med-Surg IV, I learned its proper name, and now that I know what it is, what causes it, and what it can do to my toe if I just let it sit numb all the time...I have to give up the sandals in the winter and wear socks more often. And hand-knit wool socks are the bomb.

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