December 20, 2009

Mini vacation

I had taken a couple of days off for the visiting family, but it expanded into a mini vacation once my preschooler got sick. I faxed over the requisite doctor's note and felt bad...for a few minutes--then I had my arms full with a fussy 5 year old. 

It's funny (but not surprising): HR is all sweetness and light when they're asking you to come in for extra work, but tell them you're calling out and it's "give us a doctor's note." Or ask for a day off within the proper guidelines and yet it somehow doesn't materialize on their calendar. Mind you, I'm not expecting HR to be on my side--after all, they've got a job to do and that is to ensure there is staff on the floor. 

They'll probably still be cross with me, but I followed every P&P to the T when I called out.

So I have nearly a week off. I'll be entertaining family, tending to the sick child and catching up on some knitting. My Raynauds has been very bad this winter, and I'm perpetually wearing socks just to keep the circulation going to the toe. So I need to make more wool socks, because cotton doesn't cut it. Cotton doesn't instantly warm up my foot, whereas wool acts like heating pads on my feet.

I realized that the first four months of my "first year" is almost done. Wow. 25% of the first seems like I've been working there forever and also like I just started. I don't have any plans to flee once I hit the one year wicket though...though working for this facility has its ups and downs, it fits into my long-term plans perfectly. I'll probably stay through the BSN, and then see what happens. Occasionally I do think about med-surg, but not with any real longing. I'm enjoying psych nursing far too much.

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