April 11, 2010

BSN stuff

I'm highly entertained by school right now.  First of all, so far it's mostly old hat review of patho content, so no need for marathon study sessions.  I'm currently running a 97%.  If anything kills me in this class, it will be the APA.

Second, I can tell which classmates are nurses (either RNs or LPNs) and which are not just by reading their posts.  The nurses get right to the heart of the assignment, reference the textbook without tons of verbatim quotes, and focus on how they'll treat the patient.  The non-nurses obsess over the minutiae, quote the textbook to death, and focus on how they'll treat the problem without considering the larger picture. 

Also, the non-nurses tend to overreact with the homework problems.  One problem included an electrolyte imbalance:  the electrolyte was a hair outside of normal (literally, only 0.1 off).  Every non-nurse honed in only on that, saw it as a medical emergency and went into full panic mode by providing a detailed list of all of the side effects of said imbalance.  Every nurse saw it as something to keep an eye on and that some orange juice will probably correct it, so in the meanwhile they'll focus on that oxygen saturation of 80%.

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