April 2, 2010

In local news...

Pathology started Tuesday. Fortunately, the due dates for assignments, quizzes, etc. fall on different days so there will be little overlap between the classes. Unfortunately, there is overlap between patho's schedule and work, so I'm going to have to plan so things get done on time.

No word yet on the permanent position. I did meet with the DON and it went well, so now the ball is in their court. At least there's no pressure on me because I don't need to say Yes. However, things have gotten very stressful there lately...I can't say any more about it other than it's probably best if I keep my head down and fly under the radar for a bit. Nothing catastrophic happened: it's mostly ongoing stuff that as of late has come to a head. It is stressful though.

There's two other nurses in this new class (patho), so that's nice. Everyone else is a shiny-brand-new nursing student and the realities of what nursing is like haven't really set in yet So far a lot of material is just reviewing old hat. What's going to kill me is the APA formatting.

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