December 13, 2010


Got my student ID.  A very unflattering picture of me...but usually IDs are not meant to flattering.   And another visual reminder that I have to lose weight.  I'm trying to be good about what I'm eating...starvation isn't going to work, either physically or mentally.  I'm aiming for just being sensible.

The school's lab also lost my UDS.  Fortunately for me, I have ths slip from the lab verifying that I did take the UDS and that they have accepted my sample as legitimate.  Not sure what will happen next...unless they find the sample between now and orientation, I'll probably have to retest.  I'm not worried about any test as I know my sample will be clean, except possibly for some alcohol depending on whether I had a glass of wine the night before...and last I checked, I'm well over 21 and alcohol isn't illegal.  But I still feel like a criminal whenever I do a UDS.  Plus the fact I feel like the school thinks I'm sketchy, especially when they're told that I never showed for my drug screen when I actually did.   Oh well, that will get straightened out at orientation.

I guess once I go to orientation this week, I will officially be a nursing student...again.  The pre-reqs are over:  now it's time to get down and dirty.  Well, OK, most of the pre-reqs are over:  I still need to take History and Public Speaking.  But now the nursing program starts in earnest.

I have to admit I'm slightly apprehensive starting in a BSN program that is still undergoing CCNE review.  I'm reassured by a few things:  first, their diploma program is/was certified and received glowing reviews (too bad I could not afford to attend it the first time around).  Second, I already have a degree from a NLNAC certified school so there will never be a question of me being able to obtain licensure and/or work (as far as certified schools go anyway).  Third, once the school is approved it's retroactive, and that would cover me.  Fourth, the MSN/CNS program I'm looking at has a RN-MSN option, so even if things entirely go south with this school's accreditation, I can use that to apply instead of the BSN-MSN option.  And last, being a graduate of the school will give me some priority when applying for jobs within the organization's hospitals. 

So at orientation I will meet the other RN-BSNs.  I heard it's a small group:  only 12 or so.  That'll be nice.

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