December 11, 2010

Yeah, I know

A patient asked me if I was pregnant.  I told her No, I was just fat.  She apologized and said that based on how my ID was tilted, she thought I was expecting.  It didn't bother me...but it did remind me that I need to get serious about losing a little weight.  I've fallen into the overweight nurses trap.  Actually, I weigh what I did when I graduated a year ago.  I guess more of it has shifted to the belly area.

But it's hard to do that in December:  the month starts off with my birthday, then leads right in holiday parties, holiday gift baskets from doctors, patients and other facilities, Christmas and home cooking, and New Year's and eating out.  Plus the parents, who cook VERY well...and the in-laws, who love their food and drink.  It's hard to lose weight under those culinary conditions. 

In all fairness, I don't have to just diet.  I can exercise...which I haven't been doing as I've been recovering from an injury.  But now that the injury is healed...but the problem there is the little one:  I spend all day away from my child while at work, that the last thing I want to do is plunk him in childcare while I go exercise.  And when he's gone to bed...well, then it's really too late to get any exercise in, not if I want to go to sleep at a decent hour so I can wake up pre-dawn for work.


I do need to be better about both though.  I heard Weight Watchers revamped their plan and since I'm still a member, I thought I'd go over and check it out.  And I can make an effort to move more...I'm doing that already at work.  But at home, I can get on the treadmill for 30 minutes while the little one watches some television or plays a computer game.

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