October 29, 2011


I lost 5 lb over the last three weeks. I've been making a serious effort about watching what I eat (I'm keeping an accurate food diary!) and I've been getting on the treadmill to run/walk three times a week. None of my clothing fit any better yet, but it's a nice feeling to know I've lost a little weight. Many more pounds to go...

I need to put that lost weight on my cat. She's dropped more weight, so much so that when I pick her up I feel individual rib bones. She eats with no problem and isn't in any distress...then again, she is 16. I should get her to the vet soon.

Applied to a few more per-diem psych positions. Waiting to see if they do call me back for that second interview. Studying for the certification exam. Same old, same old.

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