October 26, 2011

The first interview in the new job hunt...

It actually went pretty well. What a difference from having to interview as a new grad a couple of years ago. I felt more confident in myself and my abilities and I knew what I was talking about. They seemed impressed with me, I think...at any rate, they spent almost 2 hours talking to me, showing me around, and introducing me to staff. Of course, a few patients came up to make their own introductions.

Then the dreaded "M" word came up...Magnet. Not having a BSN disqualifies me from a lead nurse position, though they did note that I was in school for my BSN. We addressed that early in the interview, so I'm reading that as I still have a shot. I explained my situation with my little one and we decided that PRN might be the best for me. And that's fine: the last PRN job evolved into a full-time position when I was ready for it to.

They have several different units, both inpatient and outpatient. Their higher functioning units aren't locked...I mean, the outside door is shut but the whole unit is not as restrictive as a unit at my last job was. I saw an open patio door and my first question upon entering was, "should that door be open?" My escort laughed.

They do have a locked unit...that felt like coming home :) They also have something that really caught my attention: medical psych. It's a unit with patients with both medical and psychiatric diagnoses. No telemetry or stepdown patients, but there's medical issues there. That appealed to me because that may help me scratch the med/surg itch that keeps rearing its head from time to time. It will also give me non-psych experience which will help me be more well-rounded when I decide to go back for psych CNS or NP.

They said that they want to bring me back in for another interview next week with the director and that they will call me. I'll just have to wait and see. I'm optimistic and think I have a really good chance, but I'm not calling off the job search just yet. In the meanwhile I've applied to a couple of other psych positions, and will start checking out the other major hospital chains. I'm also working on the portfolio.

I rescheduled my certification test to December 3rd. I decided to do it on a Saturday so I have the weekend to celebrate...or mourn. I made sure the interviewers knew I was planning to take that test...anything that can help the ADN along.

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