December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, Happy Sunday if you don't!

I didn't sleep well last night...just couldn't get myself drowsy enough. I ended up going to bed at 1am...and the little one decided that we were all getting up at 5am. We talked him into 6:30am, at which time we put on Ben-Hur, fired up the coffee pot and started on the gifts. I got a nice watch and some videos from the boys. The better half has enough shaving stuff to last him a lifetime (or at least until next year) while the little one has enough LEGO for a small country. I'm about to tackle brunch-making because we have no idea when the families are going to call us. This time zone difference makes things tough at times. The distance is making it tough too, as I'm missing all of my friends and family right now. Even if I wasn't going to see them exactly on Christmas day, I knew I'd be seeing them at one point this holiday season.

We're having a turducken for Christmas dinner...this was the better half's idea. It is a Cajun specialty: a turkey with a duck with a chicken inside of it. 6 hours of cooking joy. At least most of those 6 hours can be unattended. Then a Julian Dutch Apple pie for dessert. Diet begins tomorrow.

I have to work tomorrow--all next week, actually--so there will be no wild late Christmas partying or playing with the new toys for me.

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