December 29, 2011

In Like Flynn

If you've never seen those movies, see them. They're hysterical.

Today I learned that once you're in a facility's system, recruiters will really interact and help with you more. Remember the nurse recruiters from a couple of months ago that rarely or never called me back? Today I called the one at my current facility to ask about updating my profile because I was interested in applying for additional per-diem positions. After all, I want to put this RN-BC to good use, especially considering all the hell I went through to get it. The call went to voice mail (no surprise) so I left a message, making sure to mention that I was an employee there and gave both my desk extension and work e-mail address--in addition to my cell phone--as evidence.

Yes, I know I was supposed to wait until the New Year to begin the job hunt. But I didn't actually apply for anything, I just wanted to know how to update my profile.

Lo and behold, I receive a call back from her within a couple of hours. Not days or weeks, but hours. Granted, I was in the frozen foods section of my local grocery when they called...the point being is that they called. And the recruiter couldn't have been more helpful. They told me exactly what I needed to do, then without my even asking started going over all of the open positions they had and would I be interested in any of them. None of the currently open positions fit what I wanted...well, a couple were all right but not top choices. The recruiter told me that they'd update my record and to please keep in touch because more positions would probably open up after the new year.


It kind of makes sense though, because as an internal applicant, I've already gone through all of the orientation training, the compliance training, the charting training, the pre-employment screening...all I'd really need is a bit of orientation and off I go. So I can see why they'd want to go out of their way to hook up internal applicants first. Now that, plus the fact that the nurse who I fill in for knows the head of the inpatient units and offered to find out if they could use me as a PRN...

I did find out however that I am not eligible to apply as an internal candidate until I've passed my 90-day evaluation. So while I may resume looking for additional work in January, I won't be applying for any jobs at my current facility. Which may be a good thing because by the time March rolls around there should be some new postings up.

So kids, the moral of the story is that what everyone says is indeed true: get yourself into a facility in some way, shape or form, even if you're not taking your first-choice position. Once you're in heading towards your dream nursing job will be a lot easier.

Eating disorders is getting fascinating. I've started delving into what they do to the body's chemistry and lab work, and all of the complications of those changes. Just when you think you'd never need the in-depth acid-base balance and fluid and electrolyte knowledge after graduating, ED smacks you with them. And I mean REALLY smacks you with them: refeeding syndrome, fluid loading, diuretic use, laxative use, vomiting, inappropriate food about some major F&E shifting and swaying.

I'm kind of sorry I'm only a per-diem there and my hours will ebb and flow, but the pace of outpatient is a little slow for me, so that's all right--it gives me a chance to look for that inpatient per-diem as well as pick up hours in the other outpatient programs.

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