March 14, 2013

3 weeks on...

Newborns don't really do much at this age other than eat, sleep, nurse, cry, pee and poop.  Occasionally I'll get a quiet alert moment where we stare at each other, but for the most part it's the above list.  He was awake when we watched the new Pope take office so he got to see history being made.

Yet I can't seem to get much done around here.  The fact that he is doing most of these activities in my arms may have something to do with that.  Though truth be told, that's probably a good thing because apparently I'm pushing myself too hard re activity--my incision has been killing me, among other S&Sx--and so I need to go back to sitting on the couch imitating a vegetable for a few days.

I did scale back on my Investigation Discovery so my mood has been lighter.  I'm now catching up on all sorts of classic movies, as well as watching my fill of Duck Dynasty.   I also started reading my addiction book, so I don't feel as guilty for not working and slacking on school.

I did fire up MyFitnessPal and start tackling the weight gain.  Little one #2 likes to cry and be fussy at dinnertime, so he may be my greatest weight-loss aid yet.  As soon as I sit down to eat, he lets it I have to get up and take care of him.  By the time I've settled him down (or not) and go back to my dinner, I'm not that hungry anymore.  He's also a in, if he's got a choice between being in the crib and in someone's arms, he wants the arms hands down and will let you know that.    Hence why he's in my arms all the time...what can I say?  I come down on the side of attachment parenting.

All the grandparents will be arriving shortly, though not at the same time, thank God.  My parents are coming out in less than 10 days (eek!) so I better start cleaning now, especially since I can't strain myself.  Better half's parents follow a few days after mine leave.

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