March 9, 2013

The burn is healing, I think

I had one burn blister that kept refilling and draining and refilling...well, today, I think it finally stopped refilling.  The burn looks marginally better.  I'm not expecting return to the original skin tone anytime soon.  I'll just be happy if there's no more broken skin.

Secondary casualty of the burn:  one pair of shorts.  Burn blister serous fluid plus Neosporin equals a grease stain that gauze can't fully contain.  


I did make an appointment with my PCP for him to evaluate the burn, as well as for my blood pressure.  The headache returned a couple of days ago and finally broke today.  I think what wasn't helping either headache or blood pressure issues was the fact that because of the various pains I've been having (incision, headache, burn) I've been taking ibuprofen nonstop (800mg q6h) for the last two weeks:  I think my kidneys finally said "no mas."  So I'm now on only APAP for any pain.

In other news, I'm getting TV-ed out.  I spent the last week on the couch with little one #2, healing and imitating a vegetable.  It's worked--my abdomen feels much better.  But I've watched so much Investigation Discovery that I'm delirious with conspiracy theories.  I think that this week, I really need to start working on some of those addiction CEUs--I can read my journals while breastfeeding.  I should also start getting myself and little one #2 out for walks, or at least sitting in the backyard.

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