May 23, 2013

Challenge accepted

"Almost no one gets an A in this class," the instructors told us during the open office hours.

Red flag waved.  Inserting nose ring.  Preparing to charge at cape.

At this point in the game, I'd be happy just to pass since I'm so near the end of this program.  OK, I take that back:  I'd be happy with a B because I just can't bring myself to accept a C.

In looking at this coursework, an A is going to be damned near impossible.  Not because of the group aspect, but because of the course content itself.   I'm reading the book and the notes, watching the videos, listening to the lectures and office hours...and I still feel confused.

It's like trying to learn Welsh.  And I like Welsh.

But I'll be damned if I don't accept that challenge.  If I go down, I'm going down fighting.  I just have to try for that A.

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