May 31, 2013

Back down on the roller coaster

Spent all day working on one of the two assignments for this week while juggling a less-than-pleased little one #2.  I feel like I've just walked through the 7 chambers of Hell.  This Research class isn't looking so good.

It's the other assignment--the one that I'm NOT leading--that is working me up.  I turned my work in for that two days ago.  I saw the final draft...and yeah.  This one isn't going to get us a good grade.  I hope that's just anxiety speaking and I'm entirely wrong, but I am a little worried about this one.

Not that my-led assignment is top shelf though:  I'm worried about this one too.  It was a whole lot harder than I thought, even with everyone's contributions.  

Then there's the quiz next week...scuttlebutt says that it's very hard and nothing like you'd expect.  Of course, we're not getting any help from the instructors other than, "here's the question breakdown, good luck."  It's timed and once you answer a question you can't go back and change your answer (which come to think of it may not be such a bad thing).  I also have to find 30 minutes where I will have zero interruptions....which with little one #2 isn't as easy as you'd think.  He doesn't have a regular nap and if he does go down, it's not for long.  I can't risk starting it to have him melt down 5 minutes into it.  I don't want to wait until later in the evening when he goes to bed, because I'm two hours behind their time: the quiz ends at 2155 my time.  And I'm sure that during those last two hours the server will be swarmed with anxious test takers...I can't take a chance on a Blackboard outage.

I may take this quiz at 3 in the morning.


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