May 15, 2013

I'm so proud

My former new grad just completed her BSN.  I'm very proud of her.   Like me, she's had to put the program on hold a few times as real-life interfered with the best laid academic plans.  Work and her personal life have been very tough on her...but she kept on persevering.  

Now that she's got a couple of years' experience under her belt along with that BSN, she's looking for a new job or two.  I told her that if she ever finds herself out my way to let me know, as we could always use another good psych nurse at my facility.

Meanwhile, seeing her finish the program has fired me up about getting my own BSN completed.  Research starts next week...I'm going to see if I can find a syllabus on-line, even an old one, and start reading ahead.

Of course, God having a warped sense of humor that he likes to subject me to, I have a minor outpatient procedure scheduled during the first week of class.  But I'm not rescheduling either procedure or class.  I want to get this finally finished...and besides, I should only be laid up for a day.  I'll just work around it.

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