November 10, 2013

I've done the 30-Day Shred for five times now.  Considering I started on Halloween, I'm averaging about one workout every two and a half days.   I haven't lost any weight, but some of my pants fit a little better.

I've also gained some endurance.  When I first started, I was only able to do five consecutive push ups before stopping for rest.  Now I can do eight consecutively.  I went from doing 15 in a minute (be aware that the minute is broken up into two 30-second sections) to doing 30 in a minute.  That is serious progress for me.

I'm also getting through the DVD with fewer breaks.  It's not pretty, and I prefer that no one be watching me as I workout as I'm sure I look as much of the uncoordinated wreck as I feel like I am.

I had to modify one exercise.  For reasons unknown, I can't mock jump-rope without having severe pain in my right tricep.  Even just the jumping without the mock hand actions hurt.  I can do the jumping jacks with no problem or pain.  I just can't mock jump-rope.  So I march in place for that's probably nowhere as effective, but it enables me to keep going.

I'm on a new assignment this week.  I'm vaguely familiar with the program that I'm going to cover, but it will be trial by fire.  Should be interesting.  It's at my main facility, so that means guaranteed shifts:  no worries about cancellation.  Three full days, one half day.

I also have no three-day weekend...oh well.  That's nursing for you.

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