January 12, 2014

In which Meriwhen wins one and loses one

The good thing about the six day work week was that it did its job:  I was too busy to dwell on things in the daytime, and too tired to dwell on things at night.

So things worked out very well for my father.  The surgery went well.  They removed the tumor though I'm not sure if they got a good margin too.  It didn't spread to the lymph nodes, so that's something.  He lost a chunk of lobe and they had to rewire the bronchi.

He spent Thursday pretty much lying there, all full of tubes.

On Friday, most of the tubes were out and he started eating a liquid diet.

On Saturday, he was eating more though not quite the full diet yet, and talking on the phone with us.  And I'll be damned:  he sounded better yesterday than he had in a LONG time.  Even my better half agreed.

Today, he is home.  He's resting a lot but he's in very good spirits.

Right now, they're waiting for more pathology reports to come back before they decide what to do next.  Radiation may be the next step if they weren't able to remove everything.

So yay!  Life is good and things are looking much brighter.   I'm well aware that my father won't live forever, but at least he'll be around a little longer.

Then my sister called.

She's been having vision, vertigo and numbness problems, and so she went to her doctor.  She's got a whole battery of tests next week, but the doctor's preliminary guess is that this could be MS.  Or a brain tumor...which given that she's already had a pituitary tumor that has for the most part been benign, it's not that far-fetched of a possibility.

Well, damn.

I was on for four days this week, and truth be told:  if the agency cancelled me, I wasn't going to pick up hours at my main job.  But instead of trying to lose myself in work, I'll try to help her out however she needs me to.  At least with her, I don't have to fly to the East Coast to be there.

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