January 4, 2014

It's annual training renewal time for me.  Almost all of my annual courses, training and certs are due in January.  The exceptions are ACLS, BLS and How to Tango with Angry Patients, a.k.a. CPI.  That's my summer fun.

So I just completed a stack of courses:  privacy, infection control, waste management, disaster management, risk management, personal safety, workplace safety, medication safety, radiation safety and MRI safety.

I work in psych.  We don't use IV pumps or multiple lines.  The only MRI I've ever taken part in was the one I had for my foot while I was in nursing school.  The last radioactive exposure I had was a chest X-ray at my last annual physical.  Yet every year, I take courses regarding what to do with patients receiving infusions, radiation and/or MRIs.

I do pretty well on these tests too.  I must be the only psych person getting 100s on the radiation course.

Anyhow, I don't argue or complain. I figure if it's in my "Assigned Training" folder, then someone somewhere in my facility feels that I need to complete this.   Though when or even why they expect me to be performing MRIs on patients, I have no idea.

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