January 31, 2014

So everything has turned out pretty well for my dad so far. It looks as though they got all of the cancer out, and there are no signs of metastasis.  They’re holding off on radiation for now and will give him another scan in 3 months.  He had to go back to the hospital a couple of times for an elevated WBC and to have some more fluid drained from his chest.  One of those visits happened to be on the same day that the city was pounded by a blizzard…considering that the hospital is 30+ blocks from the house, not fun for my mother.  He also has to follow-up with pulmonology frequently:  after all, they did jack almost a whole lobe.
But overall he’s doing pretty good.
I’ve been sending out knit items like crazy to them.  With temperatures in the single digits, they need things made from real wool.  I have to admit feeling disconnected:  the rest of the country is suffering from abnormally cold weather and here I am wearing sandals and short sleeves, with little need for wool socks and hats except in the midnight hours. 
I do miss the snow though.
Anyhow, now that the health crises are over (my sister is going to be fine too), I’ve scaled back on the working.  This will be the first weekend in a while that I’m going to be off.  Next week is 3 days, possibly 4.  I don’t think I’ll be too upset if I am cancelled on that fourth day though.
I also got around to giving HR my BSN transcript…and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my BSN differential is a lot more than I thought it’d be.  I was under the perception that it’d only be an extra 50 cents or so per hour.  It’s actually a percentage of my base rate, and works out to an extra $2.00 (almost) per hour.  Sweet.

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