April 30, 2014

I have a couple of bad habits

When think of a book that I might want to read, I check my local library's website to see if they have it in their catalog.  If they have it, I place a hold on it.  Sounds reasonably normal, right?

The problem is that a lot of the time, I don't remember doing this.  It could be that a lot of this occurs late at night.  Technology makes it so darn easy to access the Internet and thus the library's website, all without leaving the comfort of my bed.

I picked up five books from the library today.  I could recall why I wanted one specific book and placing the hold.  Three of them, I could remember placing the holds but not why I wanted to read these books.  

The last one is a complete mystery.  I'm holding a copy of "Where Death Delights," on loan from the University of Nevada (!) that I apparently requested.   I don't remember requesting this book, but there it is, with my name on the card.  I also can't recall why I wanted this book...apparently I must have had forensic medicine on my mind at the time.

I'm actually impressed my little shack of a library crossed a state line to get me the book in the first place.

Which leads me to bad habit #2:  actually getting around to reading these books, as well as all of the other unread books that I have around the house.  I blame the children in part:  by the end of the day, when they're both wrangled into bed and I have some time to myself, I'm too darn tired and fall asleep two pages in.  

I also blame the Internet as well, because when I am awake enough after the kids are asleep to actually read, I'm online checking e-mail, exercising my forum duties, and getting lost on Wikipedia adventures.  And technology makes it so easy to do that, all without leaving the comfort of my bed.


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Kolohe said...

Only a couple? Who are you kidding? ;-)

The internet has made it a different world, that's for sure. It used to be all I had to worry about to distract me when I should be doing computer work was the TV. That was getting to be less of a problem because there was hardly anything good on TV. Then the internet and high speed connections came along...