April 18, 2014

If you celebrate it, have a blessed Good Friday.  If you're Jewish, Happy Passover (albeit a few days late).  If neither fits you, Happy Friday.

No movement on the matter referred to in my annoyingly cryptic post, so no update there.

I'm going to start pulling inpatient shifts at my main facility.  I decided that while I enjoy my agency work, I'd rather be working at my main facility for a few reasons.  First, this is a probable contender for where I want to work when I decide to sign on permanently somewhere, which will probably be in the next year.  Second, the pay is a hell of a lot better than what I get from the agency.  Seriously, my current hourly rate here is the same as my time-and-a-half agency rate; if/when I sign on permanently, even with the pay drop, it'll still be more than the agency.  Third, it's resume diversification.

I'm still keeping my ties with the agency, though I'll probably drop my availability down to once or twice a month.

I've been warned to watch out for drama.  Of course, this is second-hand info, so I'll see for myself if there really is any drama present.  I'll pretty much go into it with the same mentality that I go into the agency assignments with:  I'm not permanent staff, I'm not getting involved in any politics or drama, I'm not trying to make any best-friends-forever.  I'm going in just to get the job done, then going right back out.

It's been a couple of months from when I actually oriented to when I'll be working there, so I'm understandably nervous.  Fortunately, I take great notes, have a decent memory--in this department, anyway--and pick things up fast, so I'm expecting the awkward finding-my-feet stage to last only a couple of shifts.   As I told one of my preceptors, the essentials of psych nursing are always going to be the same no matter where one works--it's just the little details and routines that need to be learned at each facility.

I am also jumping in on a weekend, away from the glare and hassles of administration.  

All this being said, I'll never turn down happy thoughts and wishes of luck.

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