September 24, 2015

It kind of reminds me of the new grad job search...only with less desperation

"Your application has been forwarded to the hiring manager for this position. Upon review, if you are determined to be a good match, the hiring manager for this position may contact you directly (by email or phone) to schedule a phone interview and/or an on-site interview. Depending upon the department, this process may take several weeks."

At least I'm checking the hospital's career website only daily, instead of multiple times a day like I was when I was on the new grad job hunt.  It does help that I'm several years' more experienced in both nursing and job hunting, and I know and understand that the wheels of HR turn slow.  And it helps that I am currently working, because there's less of a desperate push to jump at anything that I get.

The wording of the above message hasn't changed at all.  Some things just don't change.

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