September 30, 2015

My application status for the new specialty position remains unchanged.

Meanwhile, I've been rooting around my primary organization to see what opportunities they can offer me.  Truth be told, I'd rather not leave fact, I'd like this to be my permanent home.  That is, if I can find a position that is financially feasible and professionally satisfying.  My second choice is to find a permanent position elsewhere that is 3 days a week, and then pick up 2 days as a per-diem here.

So here at my primary organization...

I'm being wooed to go permanent at the temporary position I'm working, or at least transfer to being a per-diem there.  I would, except that it's outpatient.  I really want to go back inpatient, plus I don't get shift differentials for outpatient so financially, it would be tight.  There's also no guarantee of 40 hours...mind you, I could probably pick up a few inpatient shifts here and there.   But I also don't really want to work 6 or even all 7 days a week.

I'm also being wooed to go evenings inpatient.  While I love evening shift, it's very hard to work them with a school-age little one.  Full-time evenings means I'd almost never see him during the week.  So while this isn't a top choice, it's a good safety net, especially since evening shift is the hardest of all to staff:  there's plenty of availability.

I started picking up several inpatient shifts at the medical hospital, mostly nights and the odd evening.  Of all the facilities my organization has, I like this one the best.  I'm patiently waiting for a night position to open up there.  Or an evening/night mix.

I've been offered the opportunity to orient as a liaison in the emergency department  I'll get to evaluate ED patients to see if they meet criteria for psychiatric holds and/or admission.  That starts in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to see what particular things I should brush up on.  My having taken that emergency nursing class will also be a help here, as I'll know more about whether they are medically stable enough for the psych unit.

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